Have you been asking questions like, Why isn’t my Amazon kdp not selling? Why am I not making sales on Amazon KDP? How can I increase my KDP book sales. Don’t worry, this blog post is your solution on how to make sales on Amazon KDP.


If you’re interested in making from $100 to $1000+ monthly selling ebooks on Amazon then you have to take this article very serious.


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For those of you that know my story,

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Let’s dive into the business of the day on how to make sales on Amazon KDP.


How long does it takes to get on Amazon KDP

Generally, it takes a few hours to set up you account on the Amazon kdp official website, setting up your author page and book details, uploading your book and setting the right price.


After the yellow publish button has been hit, it will take not more than 72 hours (3days) for it to get approved or disapproved by Amazon KDP.


Although in most cases, it usually take less than this.

Why am I not making sales on Amazon KDP

When I didn’t have much knowledge on how to get my book noticed on Amazon KDP. I use to struggle to make sales.


It got to a time when I was almost overwhelmed.


Like they say what you don’t know is greater than you. Why you are not making sales on Amazon KDP is tied to many factors.


There is what we called algorithm, and there are things you need to optimize so as to trigger the Amazon algorithm to favour you.


By learning how the algorithm of the Amazon kdp platform works will get your book noticed by many people.

How to get your book noticed on amazon

Getting your Amazon books noticed requires some few optimizations.


I have used what I am about to teach you now to get massive sales on Amazon KDP and my students have used this same strategy to make massive payout also.


And I am certain that this method will work too for you if you implement them.


The following ways are guaranteed to help your book get noticed on Amazon KDP:


Book Title optimization:

For those of you asking “how can I increase kdp ebook sales?” Book title optimization is the first step on How To Make Sales On Amazon Kdp.


While choosing a book title make sure that you have done your keyword research first and add a low competition and profitable keyword/s to your book title with some attractive name.


Do the same to your subtitles.


Attractive book cover:

Another way on How to get your book noticed on Amazon KDP is to design a very shiny and attractive book cover.


If you don’t have a good knowledge of graphic design then you need to pay one to do it for you on Fiverr or sproutgigs.

Optimize your book description:

Evenly distribute your keywords in your book description to trigger the Amazon kdp algorithm to get your books to your targeted audience when they use those keywords to search.


These are very vital tips on How To Make Sales On Amazon Kdp because there is a high probability that you will get massive sales on Amazon KDP passively if your keyword research was done right.


Use the right keywords and categories:

How to increase your book sales on Amazon KDP is really dependent on the keywords you use and how to optimize your book for these keywords.


If you have been asking questions like, “How can I increase my KDP book sales”? It may be that you are not using good keywords and wrong categories.


Try as much as possible to always narrow your book category to get a chance.


For example, something like fiction-romance-teens is better than choosing a like fiction without niching down.


Encourage review:

Always encourage your readers to drop good reviews.  How to get your book noticed on amazon can just be lots of positive reviews on your book.


With this people tend to trust you with their purchase and the algorithm also pushes you to a wider audience and you make more sales on Amazon KDP just like that.

Take an advantage of kindle unlimited:

Always enroll your book on Amazon Kindle unlimited.


You will enjoy the benefit of getting paid each time your book is read by an Amazon premium member.


You can read more about the benefits here

Promote on social media:

Do you have a good following, always embed links to your book and you will increase your chances of making sales.

Run amazon ads:

This is guaranteed to work if you can set it up properly and fund the campaign.


If you want to increase your sales on Amazon KDP then you need to pay amazon small money to promote your book for you and you get more sales.


The above are just a few ways on How to get your book noticed on Amazon KDP.


Let’s explore how to increase your book sales on Amazon KDP.

How to increase your book sales on Amazon KDP

How To Make Sales On Amazon Kdp cannot be achieved if you cannot develop a strong undefeatable mindset to win.


Any business you do Online you need 20% strategy which is what I have just shared and 80% mindset.


Reset your mindset from it cannot be done to how it can be done?


One state of mind closes opportunity while the other gives room to think deep for the solution.


How To Make Sales On Amazon Kdp wrap up.


You can contact me to get started on Amazon KDP via +2348124172384

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