If you have found this blog post as a student, then you must be a very lucky person indeed because you will learn how to make money at home as a student both online and offline, how to earn passive income as a student, online earning websites for students, and side business ideas for students.


Students in general have a lot of needs that can only be provided by money. All these needs cannot be depended on by our parents to solve them, that is why you must earn while studying.


A student must have a means of income that can help support him/her while in school.


This will help them get anything they want and pay their bills without stress.


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ways to make money as a student:


In today’s article, we will be showing you three main ways you can make money online as a student which are;

  • Earning website
  • Side business
  • Passive income


Read passive income streams with little investments that can earn you $500 monthly


online earning website for students to make money online:

As a student who needs cash to pay bills, buy stuff, or just for pocket money.


you can make some cool cash via your device connected to the Internet with any of these websites.


All you have to do is to grab some drink 🍺 and relax while I take you through these amazing websites that will enable you to make money online as a student which are:


  • Studypool


As the name sounds, studypool is an amazing website that is fully designed for students to aid their studies. You can make money as a student from home on this website because;


There are over thousands of students on this website that are actively in search of a tutor to help solve their homework.


On this website, you can sign up as an online tutor right from home and start making money by teaching students.


Another way you can make money online through studypool is by uploading documents to the website.


You can upload mathe practice questions, a copy of an essay, business, and so on.


You are at liberty to upload any kind of documents you feel can be helpful to students.


And the craziest thing is that each time you get a view of any of your documents, you get paid $10.


However, making money on this website via uploading documents can be a game of numbers because you are more likely to get views if you have uploaded much.


I can recommend you to keep uploading good quality docs up to 200 if you can and watch your income skyrocket.


For more info about this website, you can visit them and learn more.


If you want me to do a detailed post on how to make money on studypool, you can let me know, and I will consider doing that.


Studypool works in all countries of the world, and you can get access to this website no matter where you are in the world except if you are not on earth 🌐.


  • Owodaily


This website has multiple ways to earn money online and it is based in Nigeria.


The fact that it is based in Nigeria does not make it only accessible to Nigerians.


You can make money with this website even if you are from the US, Canada, Ghana, or any other African country.


You get paid for each task you do on the platform and there are so many ways by which you can earn cash here as a student.


If you want to learn more about making money on this website.


you can scroll to the top of our website and use the search bar to search for the keyword owodaily, and you will see our full review of this website and how to make money with it.


However, this website is not entirely free to join when compared to the first one on our list.


You will have to pay a registration fee of three thousand naira before you can become a full member.


This payment is once, you will be free to make money with the platform for a lifetime.


  • Picoworkers


Have you heard of remote jobs before?


This website allows you to earn for each task you get accomplished.


There are over hundreds of tasks on this website that can earn you lots of money for free.


You can watch videos, vote online, like and follow a social media page and so many other things to get paid in cents.


You can refer your friends to make money here as well and by doing that you will earn 5% of what they are making.


You can click here to read a review of picoworkers to learn more about them.


Picoworkers is completely free to join, accessible worldwide and we have its alternative known as nairaworker.


Naira worker is based in Nigeria 🇳🇬


  • Litegpt


Do you know about GPT sites? It means getting paid to do tasks. On this website, you will make money doing some light tasks.


There are many ways to earn on this website, you can earn by clicking on ads, offerwalls, etc


It works for any country in the world and if you wanna learn more you can visit its official website for more info.


  • Current app


On this app, you get paid to listen to music and watch videos.


You accumulate current coins for each task you do.


You can make a lot of cash on this website for free by just allowing those videos to play in the background while you get busy with some other things.


side business ideas for students to make some cash


As a student who wants to make money for yourself offline, you can achieve that by running a side offline business that will generate you cash.


You can run any of these side hustles with your studies and with good time management you can successfully make a fortune merging them with study.


The following are a few offline profitable side business ideas for students that we recommend.


  • Football viewing center


This is a very lucrative business that is very worth giving a chance.


With the high rate of enthusiasm for the sport by youths and students, you are very sure to make a lot of money for each match people are watching.


And trust me, if you are doing this kind of business in the urban part of Nigeria 🇳🇬 where there is a very big passion for sport among young people.


You will have very huge customers that will patronize your business organically.


To start this business, you will need to have some set of televisions, chairs, DSTV satellite TV e.t.c


  • Game shop


Just like a football viewing center, a game shop is another similar business that will perform perfectly well because your target audiences are the youths.


And trust me, some youths can be very addicted to these games and can go as far as playing for 24 hours without noticing time and money wasted.


To tell the truth, I can tell you this for free guys. I love pro evolution soccer games like crazy, I can play PES for a very long time and still wish to play more.


If you have some little capital to start this side business offline please don’t hesitate to, it can be very cool because you do not need to sell anything for profit, nor skill to learn.


All you have to do is to get paid for each game your client plays.


  • Phone charging


Phone charging is another cool and lucrative offline side business that can make you thousands of naira here in Nigeria as a student without you learning any skill.


All you have to do is to set up your business center where you have a bunch of people and traffic.


Get a good generator or a solar panel if you can afford it, and some other necessary things like chargers, etc. 


To start this business you can make some deeper research on how to and what you need to kickstart it.


  • Fashion design


You need a skill to start this particular business as a student.


You can make some cash for yourself as a fashion designer on campus.


  • Provision shop


As a student, you can start a provision shop side business in places like the urban areas if you have the capital it requires.


You can make money where you can use it to support yourself on campus with this side business.


  • Photography


Good photography skills can earn you very huge money on campus and boost your popularity as well provided you are really good at this.


Students always have fun taking lots of Pictures of themselves for one reason or the other.


You can take this opportunity to make real cash as a student for yourself.


how to earn passive income as a student on the internet:


If you are a type of student like me that loves passive income a lot then this section of the blog post is for you.


We will share with you three main passive income businesses online that can make you real cash and most of them don’t require capital to kickstart.


One general thing you must first of all need to know about any of these passive income streams is that.


None of these passive income businesses online is a get-rich-quick business that will start making you millions or thousands of nairas/dollars in just one month of starting it.


The minimum average period you can make money with any of these passive income online businesses is nine months to a year depending on your commitment.


However, due to some circumstances, you can start seeing money in the span of three to six months.


It all depends on your commitment, skills, and experience.


The following are passive income ideas for students online.


  • Content creation


Compared to the primitive ages, it is very easy to make money with your potential in this 21st century due to the advancement of technology.


Content creation has made many people billionaires in the 21st Century.


If you have some cool potential and some creative abilities, why not go into this space and build wealth for yourself in a short period of months or even a year?


You can create written content just like the one you are reading now or videos.


You can create a vlog on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and so on.


Or if you are passionate about writing you can start blogging.


To start blogging, you can start with a paid hosting blog by clicking on this link to buy an affordable web hosting service for your blog.


If you wanna start a free blog without paying for hosting, you can click here to check out some free blogging platforms to go for.


In case you are completely new to blogging online business but you are somehow interested to learn and starting this business.


You can comment below in the comment section and I will consider giving you my course that will help you learn everything about blogging business.


  • Affiliate marketing


Affiliate marketing is the selling of other people’s products online via a unique cookie tracking link.


This is another passive income business where you have to do the work once and get paid passively.


All you need to start this business is to choose a niche, know your target audience in that niche, and learn and discover what product can solve the problem of your targeted audience.


Look for a high-quality product that can get their problem solved, apply to be their affiliate, and promote this product to your audience and make money.


That’s how affiliate marketing works.


If you want to get a good course that will teach you everything you need to know to succeed in this business.


Don’t hesitate to drop a comment telling me that after reading this blog post.


  • Ebook selling


Do you have some writing skills and a laptop?


Are you talented at writing interesting books that can inspire or teach other people new things?


You can make money sharing your knowledge via a book.


To learn how to earn more writing ebooks, you can click here to read 


You can sell your ebooks on any topic on Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, etc


All you need to do is to do some research about how each of these book self-publishing platforms works.



Making money while studying as a student is a very achievable dream if you can strictly follow the different methods above.


If you are a student and you find any of the money-making ideas above interesting to you.


You can comment below, we can help you by training and equipping you more to succeed.


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