The following are ways to make money as a female student in Nigeria.


However, you can also make money with any of the following ways outside Nigeria, it works very well.

The following are ways to make money as a female student in Nigeria.


work as a freelancer:


This is the first option to earn income as a student, which is to work as a freelancer.


The freelance type of work works as a sporadic activity, in which you offer your services to several companies and individuals but there is no permanent contract relationship with them.


It is a very interesting alternative for those who want to make it something momentary, as it does not have to be long-term.


There is also greater flexibility in hours, as the important thing is to deliver on the set date. It doesn’t matter if you work in the morning, afternoon, night or even dawn!


If you are an undergraduate course that has writing, as is the case with advertising, journalism, and letters, for example, it is not difficult to come up with service proposals for freelancers. Another very common area for this is design as well.


The cool thing about this practice is that in addition to creating the experience and, above all, making income, you can create an interesting and diversified portfolio for your area of ​​activity when looking for a job.


sell snacks:

Another option, further away from the academic area, is to sell snacks. Many people have a knack for cooking, and if that’s your case, take advantage of it.


Choose a recipe or type of cuisine that you enjoy the most and use it to supplement your income. You can even do this in addition to doing an internship, for example, if you have free time between studies.


Selling snacks and sweets during the course, especially in the place where you study, has many chances of profit. College students are mostly young and love to eat during class breaks, for example. If you know how to sell well and with a differentiated price, it is worth investing in this business.


It is not difficult to find university students who sell sweets, snacks, or natural sandwiches and you may have already bought some during graduation. Try to improve your recipe and earn more money!


take care of animals:


Animal lovers will love this option to earn money as a student. It’s a really fun way to make more income during college.


Take advantage of the physical environment of your course to advertise your services as a dog walker or pet sitter, for example. If there is demand, it will certainly be a great opportunity, after all, not everyone has free time to do this.


Another good thing about this option is that you can also walk more than one dog at the same time.


resell products:


Another option to make money as a female student is to resell products. You need to pick a niche well, often your own fellow undergraduates.


The types of products you can resell are many: clothing, accessories, beauty products, and electronics.


You should seek to offer more affordable prices so that this justifies the option to buy from you. Still, you can sell in two ways: through the traditional sales model, or directly.


The second way, therefore, is through an online platform, such as e-commerce or buying and selling sites.

create a small business:


Many students have an entrepreneurial spirit and this can appear long before graduation. In addition to reselling products, you can even start your own business.


College is even an ideal environment to invest in this type of idea. You can start by selling products or offering services that you can and know are very profitable over time.


Blogging and affiliate marketing:


If you are a female student that is passionate about writing you can turn that into a money-making idea.


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The above are some of the coolest ways you can make real money as a female student in Nigeria.


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