Have you been wondering about how to get paid to watch YouTube videos? What is the best paid platform to get paid to watch YouTube videos?


Or can you get paid by watching YouTube videos for real? And many other questions.


I am here to teach you the real ways on how to earn money by watching videos on the internet.


Hello my esteemed readers, I wanna do a little introduction of who I am and how I can help you get paid by watching videos online.


My name is Ima-Abasi Sunday, I owned this blog, I have been in the online space for years and I struggled a lot while trying to make money online back then.


I made a lot of mistakes and I got a lot of bad results that almost made me quit the online hustle.


Until I got access to the truth about making money online, I began to have some positive results.


I doubled up my effort and I was amazed at how easy it is to make money online with the right information.


If you are finding it difficult making a dime online then I think it is from the wrong information you were fed about online business and that’s the reason I created this blog to teach online beginners the real truth about making money online that will change their results.


If you are just here for the first time, this blog is fully committed to teaching how you can make money online from home.


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So in this particular post, I wanna expose some lies they told you about “how to get paid watching videos online”.


If you are ready to learn something new today, then I am here for you, let’s go.


Can you get paid for watching YouTube Videos?Can you get paid for watching YouTube Videos?

While there are many sites and apps you can make money by watching videos, one thing that gets me upset is that many of these sites/apps are fake and a few of them that work are not available world-wide.


Some of them pay peanuts.


If you ask me if someone can make money by watching videos, I would say yes.


But how much can you make? Here is where it gets more interesting. I will touch on this area as we proceed in this blog post, just follow me step by step and avoid every form of distraction ok? Alright… let’s continue.

How to make money online in Nigeria by watching videos-7 sites

How can I make money by watching YouTube videos?

Each time you are searching for this term on google or any search engines, you will be seeing results with several apps and sites that can make you money for viewing videos online.


Let’s take some time to review some of those sites/apps to see if they can make you money for real or is just fake content to deceive you.


Givvy videos app: 

This app is legit, there is no doubt about this. But the truth they won’t let you know is that you won’t even make up to $5 in a month watching videos on this app.


If you disagree with what I am saying, come out and show me proof in the comment section of how much you earn in a month watching videos in this app.



Swagbucks can not make you money for watching videosSwagbucks pays daily to watch YouTube videos

Have you seen those two screenshots above? That’s the app almost everyone is saying that pays the best for watching videos online.


I may not know how well this site pays but the fact is that, swagbucks is only available to only a few first world countries.


You can’t access this site if you are from Nigeria, India, Pakistan, South Africa etc. 

And even if you can access them, I doubt if you can make real money that can change your financial status at all.

Remember, the goal here is to make real money.


Just as sweet as the name sounds, this platform is legit but is not available worldwide and I am not even sure this platform can pay you real money for watching videos realistically.


I don’t wanna go too far to mention them cause I have a lot of more important things to share with you and I don’t want this post to be unnecessarily long for listing apps/sites that do not work.


Now what are the real ways one can get paid to watch YouTube videos?

Passive income with little investment that can help you earn $500 monthly

Real ways on how to get paid by watching videos onlineReal ways on how to get paid by watching videos online

I have researched and used all these sites/apps, there is none you can make real money in a month or day watching videos.


And many of them are fake, I would have chosen to go by the trend by listing out those sites/apps that will never make you real money watching videos just like many other bloggers out there without caring if these platforms work for real or not.


But I decided to let you know the simple truth, however, I know most people will not like this truth, they will continue to go in deeper to search for that secret sites or apps that will pay them hundreds of dollars for watching YouTube or Tik Tok videos.


That’s the main reason you are always deceived online, because those guys are just telling you what you want to hear and not what is the fact.


Now let me take you through the real and best ways to make money watching videos online

If you are considering getting paid real money for watching YouTube videos online, then the following 9 secrets will be of great value for you to implement.

Why is your online business failing? 7 Ultimate proven reasons

  • Educational content:Explaining how to make money online by watching educational videos

Instead of wasting time watching video ads  for a whole day and earning $0.9, why not make a better use of your time and energy by watching a series of videos on a particular high income skill that can be easily monetized.


Look guys, I have been in the online space for a while and I know what I am recommending to you.


I urge you to stop looking for apps that pay you to watch videos from now on and focus on a particular skill like web design, coding, marketing etc.


As you are watching these videos, make sure you apply the knowledge to get results.

  • Freelancing:Freelancing to make money

You can get into freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork.


But can you get paid by watching YouTube videos with Upwork and Fiverr?


If you search for videos, you will see a lot of people posting bulk of videos they need you to watch and write a good subtitle for it or review it and get real payment worth your time.


You better jump on this now because many are already making it big doing this.

How to earn $250+ on sproutgigs monthly . Unlocking your earning potential.

  • Entrepreneurship and Business:Get paid to watch business videos

Having a good business or entrepreneurship skill can make you a lot of money. There are myriads of tremendous videos from top business gurus on youtube.


If you want this skill so badly, you can watch a lot of their videos, and with the ideas in the videos you can build a great business plan for yourself or offer it as a service to companies both online or offline.


You can create a distinctive value proposition with this also.


If you take your time to explore this, you will find out that there are many things you can do with the knowledge you gained from videos like this.


This is a real definition of how to get paid to watch YouTube videos because you will definitely make money from the business and entrepreneurship skills you are learning from those videos either by using it for yourself or teaching others.

  • Blogging:Free blog maker

Blogging simply has to do with sharing useful information on a particular topic or niche to your audience.


You can blog about anything you wish to including entertainment, gossip, music, fashion, finance, relationship etc.


Blogging can be a very profitable business if you can master the act of building a sustainable traffic via your high quality content.


There are many ways you can make money with a blog which include and is not limited to selling advertisement space for companies, affiliate marketing, selling your services, sponsored posts etc.


Many bloggers earn a monthly income from $1000 to $10000 depending on your blog’s authority, traffic and method of monetisation.


To get paid watching YouTube videos, you need to consider this idea I have just disclosed to you and implement.


It works very great.


  • Transcription:

You can be paid to watch a video on YouTube and transcribe it. Platforms like Rev.com, sproutgigs, Upwork, legiit enables you to do this.

  • Online courses:

Do you know that you can make a lot of money and get paid watching YouTube videos up to $1000+ monthly?


There are platforms like Coursera and Udemy where you can upload your course on anything at all you wish to.


There are over thousands of students on these platforms ready to buy your course as long as you know how to optimize your products for them.


Many people have cash out real money creating courses on topics they know nothing about and making huge sales.


All you have to do to achieve this is watching YouTube videos. First, you need to put in your subconscious mind into this business model and believe you can truly make it big online with this business.


Second, you need to do some little research on Youtube, watch a lot of videos on how you can get a lot of massive sales by optimizing your courses very well on Coursera and Udemy.


The more training videos you watch on this, the better your chances of success. Is high time you stopped watching entertainment and comedy videos that offer no lasting value to you but just a temporary excitement and pleasure.


I am not against it though, but if you must become very great in the online space, you just move from consumer to producer.


You just move from watching content, to creating content. That’s why people like Sabinus, Brain Jotter, Shaggi, and many entertainment Youtubers are crazy rich and you are still burning data to watch them make money.


How long will you continue in this, men are cashing out on a daily basis, you are still sleeping. Wake up!!!


Choose a particular topic for yourself today, even if you know nothing about this topic, there is no problem about this.


Let’s assume you choose marriage advice, there are thousands of people whose marriage is having issues and they need urgent solutions to their problems.


They wouldn’t mind paying any amount of money just to get their problem solved. Imagine you, watching like 100 videos or lees and taking useful notes on this topic (marriage advice).


After watching a lot of YouTube videos on this topic, trust me, you will never be a novice of this again, you will be full of valuable content to share that can earnestly solve one’s problem.


With the knowledge you got from watching videos on Youtube, you can now create a course and market it to make sales.


That’s just a realistic and practical way on How to get paid to watch YouTube videos.

  • Learn a skill:Make money online by learning a skill on YouTube

I don’t think there is a skill you wanna know that you can’t learn on Youtube. You can get paid to watch YouTube videos by learning monetizable skills on youtube and implementing them to earn money.


As simple as that.

  • Ecommerce:

By watching a couple of Youtube videos on this topic you can definitely learn and set up a successful Ecommerce business.


  • Financial IQ:

Many people get broke not because they don’t have work or a job. Most of them lack good financial knowledge.


They don’t know how to manage and grow money and as such they get broke frequently.


You can watch a lot of videos that enlighten your financial IQ and with the knowledge from videos like this you can do consultancy services, teach people about money on a blog or anywhere, publish books on money etc.


The idea of making money by watching videos that teaches you Finance is endless, just put in your mind to think and come out with them.


Conclusion on how to get paid to watch YouTube videosget paid to watch YouTube videos

I know that the knowledge I have just shared on how to get paid to watch YouTube videos is very unique and different from those things you usually come in contact with Online.


This might not look like what you were expecting to see concerning how to earn watching videos on Youtube.


But I have to give you what works irrespective of if you like it or not because my whole commitment is your success in making money online from home.


I know there will be only a few people who will take the bold step to implement and make real income online.


Out of the number of people reading this article, you can be smarter by getting among the 2% of people that will actually be successful by implementing the ideas taught in this blog post.


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