Do you love getting paid for playing games? Have you been looking for a way you can earn money for downloading and playing several games online? Here is Happy Tap app Review.


We will take you through step by step on how you can make money playing games on the Happy Tap app, how much money you can literally make in a day or a month, and you will know at the end of this review if Happy Tap is real or fake.


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What is Happy Tap App all about?

So now, what’s the platform all about?


Happy Tap app can be seen as a Get paid to play games app that rewards people for playing games.


Even though the app cannot replace your real business or job, it cannot be seen as a side hustle either.


You can only take this as a hobby that makes money if you love playing games like me.


But be aware, these games can be very addictive and if you are not disciplined enough, it can distract you and reduce your productivity.

Is it free to join?

Yes, the app is not like most income programs that require registration fee before getting the benefits of the platform.

Is it worldwide?

You can make money with your smartphone on this app anywhere you are in the world.

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How does it work?

After a successful download and installation of this app, you create your account and login to your dashboard.


You will navigate to where you can access  several games.


The fact is that, you won’t be playing these games on this app, but each game you choose to play will take you to the Google play store where you will download it and play.


There is how you will be tracked and get rewarded with points that can be converted to cash.


Each game you play pays 4600 points.

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How to make money online with Happy Tap app

How to make money with Happy Tap app

The only way of earning with this app is via playing games, this can be a lot of fun to those who love playing games as their hobby.


Isn’t it a good idea to get rewarded even if it is small for your hobbies?


Am sure it is. Then you have to stick with me to the end of this app to get the full Happy Tap app review, don’t go away with half-baked information ok?

Minimum payout

The minimum payout is $10 which is 100000 points.


 Meaning that $1 is 10000 points.


You can withdraw your earnings to your PayPal account.


Other withdrawal options include, paytm, Cash app, Amazon gift card, and coinbase.Happy Tap App minimum withdrawal

How much can you make?

Can you really make $50 with this app or that’s an eternity of work?

How much can you make on Happy Tap app

Making $1 with this app even in one week may rarely be possible but harder than calculus.


My recommendation is that you should not consider this app if making real money is your goal.


I will show you how to make real money online at the end of this Happy Tap Review.

Is the Happy Tap app legit or a scam?Happy Tap App Review

Most apps like this can be very funny, this time around I don’t bother registering to waste my time I could use to do better things for myself.


I don’t really know if they are legit or not. You can check them out if you think you have the time to waste.


If you have been paid before you can drop your payment proof in the comment section.

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Is the Happy Tap app real or fake?

To me, I will boldly say they are fake apps. I don’t like the fact that Google play store claims to make their store safe but on the contrary, the play store is filled up with fake apps by scammers.


There is nothing good you will benefit from this app apart from being an object to the creators to cash out thousands of dollars monthly by wasting your precious time watching myriads of ads and completing their game offers.


I expected you to be wiser than these guys mhen. 

Conclusion on Happy Tap app Review

It is very imperative to set a realistic expectation while dealing with mouthwatering apps like this.


In all honesty, after a careful research of this app , despite its claims and promise of paying users for playing games, the truth is that you cannot make any tangible money from this app.


Do not set your hope too high to avoid being disappointed and depressed.


Do not quit your hustle for this tricky app.

Here is where my Happy Tap app Review ends.


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