If you have come across the Goodwall app before you must be glad to read about this honest and detailed Goodwall review. By reading this article, you will get to know if Goodwall is real or Fake.


Other questions like ‘is Goodwall legit?’ What is Goodwall all about? What are the benefits of Goodwall to students and young people with aspirations?


Can you win money with Goodwall? Is Goodwall safe for you to join and for your device?


And many other more will be carefully addressed in the course of this Goodwall review.


At the end of the day you will be showered with enough information to make a good decision on joining the platform or not.


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What is Goodwall app?Goodwall review

Goodwall is an app that is a bit distinctive from every other app we have been talking about on this blog.


Why I said it is different is that the app is not a ponzi scheme, unlike other apps we have been writing reviews on, the app does not promise you an unrealistic way of making a huge amount of money online.


However, the Goodwall app is a purpose driven social networking app that is optimized for students and the youths to develop their skills and in the course of their self development get access to life changing opportunities.


In this app you will have the opportunity to chat and connect with a like-minded community of smart people where you get inspired and challenged to take your aspirations and career to the next level.


You can most importantly improve your communication skills, career, and personal development with this app.

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How does it work?

Goodwall, a social networking app with over 3 years in operation and over 1 million downloads in the Google play store is focused in helping the young generation get closer to their life ambitions by providing them with inspiring ideas, informational resources, and rewards for winning competitive challenges.


The app has 4.7 ratings on the Google play store which is a very good indicator that a huge number of people are satisfied with this app.


On this app, you will get access to the Toma community, an African platform where you can learn valuable skills and other stuff for free and get certified.


With the help of this app students get the opportunity to apply for internships based on their preference.


In addition to that, you can win a lot of cash prizes and scholarships when you win their mission and challenge competitions.


To win the competition and get your amazing prizes you need to follow the instructions of the challenge and make sure to create a well constructed video content (that is, if you were asked to do it with a video) that gives an authentic answer to the challenge question.

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Goodwall app download

Over 1 million people can’t be wrong for getting this app, to be among these people enjoying what Goodwall app is offering you need to go to your Play store and get it for yourself.

Different challenges to compete and win Amazing Cash prizes on Goodwall appGoodwall challenges and missions

Here are a few among many competitive challenges you will be seeing on the Goodwall social networking platform:


Food4thought challenge:

Here is how the challenge goes,you are required to make a short minute video of less than 3 minutes about your favorite food, how it is prepared and how it contributes to your community.


Trust me if you can stand out and win this challenge, you are winning a cash prize of not less than 100 US Dollars.


Oh my God, where were the brilliant students back then in school? (Omo opportunity don knack oo) 😆.


Hashtag resource check challenge:

You will be competing in a challenge that will require you to post either a video or image of an important resource you need to bring your business to life and how you can get it.


Win this challenge and bank 150 US Dollars all for you.


The Pitch challenge:

You are required to pitch a business idea that can help students, how can it make their life easier? Help them get to their academic goals in a 1-minute video.


The winner of this particular challenge wins an instant $200.

Benefits of Goodwall to students and young people

There are many benefits you can get for being part of the Goodwall social networking community. 


I will be listing a few of it below:

  • You get inspired by a community of great minds and ambitions.
  • You get to win money, trips to different places if you are smart enough to win the challenge competitions.
  • You will have access to learn valuable courses to improve your communication skills and improve yourself.
  • As a student, you get access to internship opportunities with the Goodwall app

Is Goodwall App legit?Is Goodwall app legit

With all these attractive features and benefits of this great app, what if I tell you they are a scam how would you feel?


By the way, that was a joke ok? 


The fact is that the Goodwall app is legit and not a scam.


I don’t think they will get crashed as time goes by based on the fact that they have been in the business for years with a high level of credibility.

Is the Goodwall app safe?

The short answer is yes, the app holds no harmful threat to your device and as such it is safe for your device.


The app is not just safe for your device only but a very recommended app for your mental development.


It is safe for your mind, instead of scrolling the endless instagram feed that is not good enough for your brain cells.


  • You will learn and connect with people
  • You will win prizes for your intellectual capacity
  • You will get smarter than you were before using the app
  • Is fun and safe for your mind


  • Most people complain of annoying interface

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Conclusion on Goodwall Review

Here marks the final bus stop of this Goodwall review, we have been able to reveal vital information to you about the Goodwall app.


You can go ahead and join them if you are interested in what they have to offer.


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