Get Free cash todayHave you ever thought about making extra income or how to get free cash today on the Internet? Learn these free online money ideas to start making money today.


Some allow you to combine this activity with your work, and others can even become your main source of income! Of course, you need to choose sites that pay real money, and are most appropriate for you. 


Here in this content you check out a list full of opportunities!


You are advised to choose one or two and focus on it.


However, based on your choice, you can choose more.




Best sites to get free cash today on the internet.


Currently, it is possible to produce content, answer surveys or even develop your business in the digital universe to increase income.


Working from home, with websites, is usually one of the best alternatives for those who want to earn money in an honest and proven way, spending little (or nothing!). Check out!


Sites to earn money now on the account by testing products and answering surveys

For those who like to receive products or have access to new services and test them, know that your opinion is worth money.


Some sites pay you to rate their sales items and user experience. The same goes for participating in surveys.


1. Vindale Research


Vindale Research is a site to earn money through product testing. So you can test and review physical and digital materials, and still get paid for it.


Generally, these companies work with a kind of “pilot product”. That is, you will be one of the first consumers (without having to pay, of course) and, if the idea is good and you and other testers give favorable opinions, the project can be officially put on the market and with more chances to please. .


In addition to earning money by testing products, you can also earn money by referring new users! That’s right, you can earn $5 per referral and also for opening emails from Vindale Research.


This really works with a laptop and you can earn from $50 to $250 monthly doing this..


An interesting part is that you will be able to earn money on PayPal after accumulating the minimum balance, that is, redeeming your earnings there.


And if you want to know if Vindale Research is reliable and actually pays, you’ll be happy to hear that there are few complaints from site participants.


So, if you are looking for sites that actually pay to make money on the internet, this option is worth considering.


For those having problem on how to open a PayPal account in your country( people living in India, Pakistan, bangladesh, Nigeria and so, where PayPal is not allowed)

2. Free


Are you a type that likes getting free crypto currency online, this article has got that covered because this website, known as free will reward you with some bonus just for being on the site.


I made $1200 just by spinning.


If you are interested in making money online via this website click on this link to see how I made $1200 with freedoge.


You can to start earning every hour with this website if you click on the link above


Your earning here solely depends on how many tasks are done by you.


You can earn from $20 to $100 in a month.


3. Smart Research


Smart Research is a research site entirely in Portuguese that works in a simple and uncomplicated way.


By answering an initial form, this website to earn money online can understand your profile and send you ideal surveys, whether qualitative or quantitative.


Another way to use sites to make money is to get your opinion paid through survey sites. However, most of the time, the gains are not high.


To make a good extra income testing products, it is more guaranteed to create authority profiles on social networks and partner with advertisers to show their products in tests, for example.


4. Rapid worker

This is another picoworker alternative that can be used to make money by performing simple tasks online.


You can also combine this with picoworker to make more money for yourself.


You can register on the website and start performing task to make money online.

5. Owodaily

This website is available in Nigeria, USA, and some few other African countries.


You can make up to 30k with this website from home.


Isn’t that cool? 


To start performing simple tasks online to make money on the internet with owodaily you can click here.


You can check out our full owodaily reviews.

6. Pico workers

This is a micro tasks website that pays you to perform some micro tasks online.


You can get paid to subscribe to YouTube channels, write a review, write an article(rare sometimes to find these writing jobs)


Here is a detailed review of the money I made doing this


You can register on picoworker by clicking here.

7. TranscribeMe!


If you like to transcribe audios and have the ability to understand other languages, work with TranscribMe! It can be an excellent option for reliable online extra income.


On this site, it is possible to earn money now in the account by transcribing audios or even translating them. And, if you are familiar with languages, work in the health field or study law, the remuneration can be even higher.



As the payment is made on a semi-annual basis, you can choose to earn the money on PayPal, avoiding higher transfer fees.


8. Star clicks


As the name sounds, start click is a PPC website that pays you 0.1 dollars each for clicking on ads.


Learn how I made over fifty dollars with this website.


9. Lodpress.


If you like to write an article as a hubby and you don’t have the budget for a paid hosting blog or don’t wanna start a blogspot site from scratch.


You can write for lodpress website and make cool money for each article.


You can make as high as $15 per article depending on the region of traffic your article generates.


To learn more about how lodpress works you can click on this link now.


However, if you wanna create an account on lodpress, you can click here.


You can make from $50 to $200 with this website in a month depending on your hard work and commitment.

Sites to make money starting an online business


Another possibility is to become a digital entrepreneur! 


Sites to earn money as an affiliate, online stores and even blogs to get paid for ads can be great options.


This option requires you to start an online business from scratch and build it up.


These online businesses take time but trust me, it pays times ten higher than any one above on a long run.


10. Virtual Store


With the world migrating faster and faster to the digital environment, creating a virtual store is essential for those who want to sell their products in a simpler and easier way, earning a reliable extra income online.


In fact, many people who start in this world selling parallel things, as a reseller or doing dropshipping, see this model as an excellent online business opportunity.


However, for your store to be built safely, it is important to have a specific platform to support the structure that an online store needs. For this, you can count on some companies such as:



Cloud Shop;

Simple 7;

Integrated Store.



You can also create an online store to make extra income on social media. Facebook Business allows you to sell products on the social network feed, as well as on Instagram.


You can earn up to $50 to $1000 monthly  


11. Blogs


Currently, blogs are seen as one of the top money making sites, no matter what niche you choose.


Through it, you can develop different digital marketing strategies and different sources of income.


Like I have always said, blogging is the mother of all online business


For example, with the use of blogs, it is possible to earn money through:


Affiliate programs;


Google Adsenses;


Sale of courses;


Partnering with brands, testing products or selling ad spaces;


If you wanna start blogging and don’t know anything about it nor how to start.


Don’t worry, we have put down our knowledge we have gained over the years that has helped us build and grow successful blogs.


To get the book, click on this link now and grab your copy.


With so many opportunities to earn as a blogger, your monthly revenue can range from $100 to $15000 monthly.


12. Eduzz


Another way to create a website to make money is to focus on your techniques and turn all the knowledge acquired over the years into an online course. At Eduzz you can market your own course, taking advantage of the affiliate sales force.


In addition to being able to scale sales, it Will be possible to go to market with authority and, on top of that, help more people solve problems.



Whether it’s a cooking or entrepreneurship course, this is a very effective technique to make money using the internet and there are other platforms that offer this type of service. So, see which are the best platforms to launch infoproducts in 2022 and choose the one that best fits your needs.




These are the free sites that can make you money online.


All you need Is to choose and focus on one and implement the strategy shared on this blog and you are gonna see results.


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