Making money online just by clicking on ads and completing offers can be a very interesting and easy way of earning on the internet. With the PTC site launched in 2017 you can make your online hustle easy. Reading this review will surely reveal to you if this site is worth your time or not.


When we talk about PTC sites they are earning sites where people are got paid daily to click different advertisement.


One thing that is always common with these kind of sites is that they usually pay in cents for each tasks done and in most sites like this they have a few tasks that can’t make any substantial amount of money at the end of the day.


Examples of platforms like this that we have reviewed in the past are, and starclicks. You can check them out if they can be a better option for you.


Looking closely at the PTC platform, could they be a difference in their mode of operation?


Can we rely on them to make reasonable amount of money enough to pay for your bills?


Are they even legit in the first place? I know there are myriads of questions in your mind to ask. You are in the best place if you have been searching for an honest review of


To get the best out of this review, we recommend that you stick with us to the end of this review, don’t be distracted and do not skip any part of this article to avoid skipping an important detail that may be crucial to you. review

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What is all about? is a paid to click website that rewards members for doing different things on the site like clicking on adverts, referring family and friends to join via your unique referral link, buying referrals, filling out surveys, and doing different offers.


The site has over 23,472,1 members who are working daily to complete task and get paid.

How does it work

To get started with this website, you need to visit their official website by clicking here.


Clicking on the link will take you to their site where you will need to sign up for a new account.


On the sign up page input in your datails as seen below. sign up

Then proceed to create your account. On your dashboard you will see different earning options which you can click on and complete the task involved to start earning.


In the next sub-heading, I will be taking you through a vivid explanation of different earning options available for you on

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How to make money with

As a member of this platform, you will be able to earn money via the following ways:


Viewing of Ads:


The first earning option available is the viewing of several adverts on the platform by clicking on it and browsing the ad site for seconds.


There are price tag for each ad you click and you will definitely get paid the amount when you have successfully viewed the ad.


Although, each advert you click on pays you in cents, clicking on as many ads as possible can add up your balance.


You can check out other site that pays for clicking on ads


Earn Bitcoin: 


Have you been searching on the internet about sites that pays in bitcoin to view advertisement?


If this is what you have been looking for, then has got you covered. has other third party platforms they partner with to help increase variety of earning methods on their site.


For those who wants to get paid in bitcoins just for viewing ads, you will be taken to a third party site on clicking on this earning option.


The platform you will be introduced to is adBTC. Here on this adBTC, just like the name resonates, you will get paid for clicking and watching ads on the site in Satoshi.


When once you have accumulated up to 500 satoshi, you can place a withdrawal to your wallet.


The coins can later be withdrawn from your wallet to your bank account or any other withdrawal options convenient to you.


To earn more money, you can refer your friends and family members to join you in earning bitcoins and you will be rewarded with 10% of your referral earnings.


Subsequently, you also get paid 5% for any body you refer that advertise on the platform and deposit satoshi to pay for the ads.


All these earnings will be paid to you by the partnering site adBTC and not



Are you a fan of completing online offers for money? Do you enjoy making money while helping companies and individuals complete their tasks.


There is no doubt, there are many people who are making hundred of dollars by doing several offers online on different offer providing platforms.


The kind of offers we are are discussing here is getting paid to do tasks like submission of email, sign up to a website, mobile app download, and many others.


While these tasks may look like a fun way to make money, I need you to understand that some tasks may be boring and stressful.


When it comes to sites like this, what I have experienced with them over time is that the more stressful the task, the bigger the reward.


As I told you earlier that platform partners with other platforms to give you the best of what you want.


They partner with platforms like the Timewall, Ysense, cpx research and many others to help you make money doing offers.


All your earnings and payments will be controlled by the third party site. only links you up to create an account with them.



You can also answer surveys to earn rewards in points. The downside with this earning option is that you may not qualify for most surveys especially if you are from a tier 3 country.


Cpx research is one of their partners that will help you find surveys and make money answering them.


If you love surveys, check out these sites below: referral program

To make additional money to your earnings, you have the option to refer people to join the earning site and you get paid a certain percentage of their earnings.


Although the exact money you will make from the referral program is not disclosed, from my opinion, I think it may be from 5% to 10%.


That’s what most sites pay for referral commission. There are sites that pay as high as 20% and above in commission but they are rare and not common to come across.

How much can you make with

When we are talking about the earning potential you need to know that your work input is directly proportional to your result output.


The amount of money you can make is as the results on how many hours you can burn on this site doing tasks.


There are people making up to $3 and above with this site. Some even go as far as making up to $10 daily. As for a beginner like you, it may be difficult to make a dollar daily on this site.


The secret of these guys that are making huge money monthly on is the referral program plus their tasks earning.


Another vital reason why people are making higher earnings at the end of the day is account upgrade and buying of referrals.


Account Upgrade:

You cannot earn more than a person who has upgraded his/her account on Gab PTC platform.


If you want to earn higher, then you can upgrade your free account to a higher account.


There are many levels of account upgrades which range from $6 to $500 as payment for upgrades.


To upgrade your account, you only need to deposit the amount of money from your bank account to your Gab PTC wallet and use it for the account upgrade.


Alternatively, if you have the money required for an upgrade in your account you can use it.

Buying of referrals:

If you are not too good with referral marketing or you need more people on your downline.


Then buying referrals can help you get more referrals under you and make more passive income online.


These referrals you will be buying are people who join the site directly without anybody inviting them via a link.


So the site has made it possible to sell their referral commission to you when you buy them as your referrals. withdrawal

There is important information you need to know about this PTC site, there are activities you do on this site that earn you points and there are tasks you complete that pay you in dollars.


You can withdraw your dollar earnings but as for the points, you can only convert them into cash, 100 points is equivalent to a dollar.


After converting these coins to cash, you can’t still withdraw them but can use them to pay for services and items on the site like advertisements etc.


The minimum payout is $3. You will be paid to your payeer account or if you don’t have an account with them, you can use perfect money to cash out.


If you don’t have any account with the above payment gateways, please try and create one for yourself if making money on is your desire.

Can you make money online with with your phone?

I will not doubt the idea that people wanting to make money online from home with their smartphones is far higher than people wanting to do so with a laptop.


Many of you reading this post now may be using smartphones and that’s the reason you come up with a question like this.


The site can be accessed with a phone but performing tasks with your smartphone will be a stressful experience as the site is not really optimized for mobile experience.

Is world wide?

Yes, you can access the site from anywhere you are in the world and as such you do not need the service of a VPN while using the site to earn.

Is legit?

The fact that they have been in existence since 2017 does not prove their legitimacy. Personally I have decided not to waste my time on this site to find out if they pay or not.


If you have been paid before you can let others know in the comment section by dropping the message alert of payment and include your referral link to invite many others


Is real or fake?

The authenticity of this site is still not yet known by us, but that does not mean you can’t try them out if you have an interest to do so.

Is Gab PTC platform worth it?

No and Yes.

No, because if you are someone that wants to make real money online from home then don’t ever attempt wasting time on sites like this.


And Yes because if making real money online is not your goal, you are only having a casual interest to press your device and earn electronic money.


Conclusion on review

We want to end this Gab review by advising you to stay clear from sites that only waste your time and energy.


Your time is too precious to be wasted. Why not make a wise decision if making money online is your goal by starting a real online business.


The following businesses can help you bank $500+ monthly.

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On the contrary, if you don’t want to go through the process of starting a real online business, then we have two best sites that can make you hundreds of dollars online.


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