If you need to increase your income to achieve a dream, know that you can use your skills to generate extra income. With the decrease in job vacancies, but the same amount of tasks to deliver, the number of informal jobs has increased a lot. Companies have bet on third-party employees, the famous freelancers, to meet their needs.


What is freelancing?


The word “freelancer” is an English term for self-employed professionals. The person works without an employment relationship, and can work for several clients, most of the time, in the comfort of home.




Website specialized in finding professionals focused on jobs for the digital world such as IT, programming, graphic design, marketing, sales, content, and administrative sector.


Around 700,000 freelancers work independently from home through the site.


To create your profile and find the ideal projects for you, simply create your profile and find a project. Find out what the job is, budget, schedules available to the client, and… that’s it!


99 designs

With the same objective as the previous sites, it seeks to connect companies ordinary people, and specialized professionals to carry out large projects.  


All you have to do is to:


Build your profile, include your skills and experiences;

Find jobs you like and apply for them.

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This platform is known for shorter and faster jobs. To be a part, you need to create a profile and a presentation about the services you provide.


On Fiverr, as on most sites, employers look for freelancers, according to their needs and the packages available on the net.




If you master English, this is your time to receive in dollars. There are several areas of activity sought, such as the following:


Web development;

Mobile and software;

Design and creativity;

Administrative support;


Engineering and architecture;



In UpWork, you will work with connections between your projects and clients, to connect you will have a limited number per month. If you don’t consume it all, you can use it in the next period.




So, did you like the tips to raise extra money? Register on the freelancer sites you identify with, and then tell us if it worked or not 🙂