It is undisputable that affiliate marketing is one of the most outstanding and beneficial ways of earning cash online worldwide.

free affiliate marketing programs in 2023
free affiliate marketing programs in 2023

Many free affiliate programs are available in Nigeria, and you do not need to pay a dime to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria in 2023.

Many people make a mistake of even borrowing money to join some affiliate program like expertnaire, owodaily+, and many others when there are a lot of free affiliate programs available in Nigeria and in Africa.

The truth is that you do not need to pay money to start affiliate marking in Nigeria in 2023 when we will reveal to you 14 free affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria.

You can choose any free affiliate programs in Nigeria that is best suited to your needs.

3 things to consider before choosing affiliate program

When it comes to choosing an affiliate program in Nigeria in 2023, it is important to consider the following factors:

1. The quality of the program

You have to first of all check how good the products you are gonna be promoting are before you can dive into any affiliate program.

This is the very first step on how to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria in 2023.

You can’t make lots of sales by promoting bad products to people and even though you do at the beginning, with time you will begin to lose your customers and their trust for you which is not a Good thing in your affiliate marketing business.

2. The number of days the cookies will last

Some affiliate programs do not have cookies. It is very important to go for an affiliate program with long lasting cookies.

Some affiliate programs may allow your referral commission to be paid to you provided it does not pass 60 days from when your customer clicked your link.

Cookies can be explained as the period of time an affiliate network can track your sales when your affiliate link is clicked.

Some affiliate networks can only track your sales within some period of days.

3. The affiliate program fee

The affiliate program fee is also important to consider. Some programs are free while some will require some money for registration.

If you are a beginner into affiliate marketing in 2023 you need to go for free affiliate programs in Nigeria.

However, If you have some bucks to spend yearly to renew your registrations then you can go for expertnaire.

Although, with some good knowledge I will be sharing in this blog post you are not gonna have any need to spend money when there are free affiliate programs in Nigeria in 2023 to make money online with.

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How to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria in 2023

2023 is gonna be a fresh year to kickstart your affiliate marketing online business and it will be very profitable if you can do it right.

As a beginner in Nigeria or in any part of the world, you need some knowledge on how to make money doing affiliate marketing in 2023.

And the basic knowledge you need to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria in 2023 will be revealed as we proceed.

Trust me, as long as our commitment on this blog is to helping you make money working from home and gain financial freedom via working online.

The affiliate marketing strategy am going to teach you today is guaranteed of making you money online in ten months time.

You may be wondering why am I saying ten months time?

Why not 72hours, one week or a month?

This is one of the major reasons people get scammed online, quick ways of making money online has lured many to Ponzi schemes that end up going away with their money.

The fact is that wealth cannever be built in a week or a month.

You can also read how to create wealth with these online businesses in 5 years.

Most beginners in affiliate marketing do not understand this, that’s why most of them will never make money online till the kingdom come.

We are not a kind of people who like sugarcoating things just to make you happy but we want to teach you the whole guaranteed affiliate marketing method that has been making us hundreds of dollars now.

If you are not ready to learn the real and working affiliate marketing methods that has worked for us and implement the strategy to work for you also then there is no need for you to keep on reading this article at all.

If you are looking for a way to make $5000 in 5 mins by clicking on a button then bro/sis leave this article right now and continue google searching for it.

When you are tired of none working for you, you will definitely embrace the truth.

For the smart ones, take some cool drink and a snack because the class will be a bit long and let’s move on.

The following are steps to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria in 2023.

  1. Have confidence in your self. Without self-confidence you can’t succeed in online business, I was once a beginner like you and I know most things newbies into online business are facing. A lot of people have doubts and disbelief in their ability to make it happen.
  2. Be ready to carry out all you will be learning about affiliate marketing in 2023.
  3. Always make the journey fun and be consistent.
  4. Pick a niche or specific area of focus. As an affiliate marketer you should understand that there is an important need for you to pick an area of focus in your affiliate marketing business in Nigeria 🇳🇬. You can’t be promoting just everything you see on the internet.
  5. Create a targeted or niched audience. The kind of affiliate marketing that will be working in 2023 will need you to build your audience online. You can build audience via different platforms like tiktok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook. You need to have a blog. Owning a blog will help you build your own audience easily. Hope you are beginning to get the idea. Alternatively, you can create a youtube channel.
  6. Pick a free affiliate program. You will have to join affiliate programs in your niche to promote.
  7. Create content around your niche and promote your affiliate links. we are not teaching you what we haven’t done, just like we created this article to help you out in your affiliate marketing in 2023 journey, you will need to create a content that can solve a problem of people in your niche and as well insert your affiliate links in the article. Dont worry, we will teach you all this in our affiliate marketing course.
  8. Be consistent and patient. We have said this before and we are gonna repeat it because of how important it is for you to note this.
  9. success.


The above are the essential steps you need to take to make money doing affiliate marketing in 2023.

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Why do I need a blog for affiliate marketing in 2023?

If you want to make money online in 2023 doing affiliate marketing, then you need to own a blog.

The importance of having a blog in 2023 for your affiliate marketing is very vital.

As a blogger you can gain revenue in different ways and your blog can enable you to do other businesses as blogging is the mother of all online business.

With blogging or owning a website You can make money via ads revenue, offer services to clients as a freelancer, join your blog posts together to form an ebook for Amazon KDP, you can make money by promoting affiliate links on your blog.

You can’t do without blogging if you wanna start affiliate marketing business in 2023 as a beginner.

That’s the reason you need a blog in 2023 for affiliate marketing.

Free affiliate programs In nigeria in 2023

These are the top list of affiliate programs in Nigeria that do not require money to join or promote products.


Jumia affiliate

This is a big marketplace just like the It is the number one online shopping site in Nigeria. You can buy a lot of thingson this site like kiddies items, home appliances, books, devices, computer accessories, automobile parts, fashion items etc.

As a jumia affiliate, you can pick any product on this shopping site and promite It to your audience to get paid in  commission.

Click here to join Jumia affiliate program

ShareAsale affiliate network

ShareAsale affiliate

ShareAsale is an affiliate network that works worldwide and you can partner with brands you love like Honey, Reebok, Etsy, Buzzfeed, Nectar, etc.

This affiliate program has existed for over 20 years and counting. They have 21,200 merchants, and 241,000 publishers like you who are making some cool cash.

This affiliate network is simple to join.

You can check out the 7+ best affiliate marketing software for beginners.

Click on this Link to register on shareAsale now.

Warriorplus affiliate

Warriorplus affiliate

Just like top affiliate networks like digistore24 and clickbank, warrior plus is 100% free to join affiliate network that can be joined from anywhere in the world provided you have a device with an internet connection.

Since 2006 warriorplus has been putting smiles in the faces of their affiliate and they a lot of wonderful products for affiliate to promote.

They have categories like software, manifestation, weight loss, health and so on.

As a blogger this affiliate network can help you make cool cash, all you have to do is to create a free acount via this link.

After setting up your account, you will need to pick a product of your choice and get paid when your audience buys this product via your affiliate link.

Jvzoo affiliate program

Jvzoo free affiliate program

Jvzoo is very similar to warrior plus. They have over 800,000 active affiliates. They are gonna pay you instantly each Time youake a sale via payonerr, Aweber, paypal etc.

Join jvzoo here

Konga affiliate

konga is another great shopping site just like Jumia we discussed earlier. This is a platform that allows you to promote other people’s product for a commission.

You can visit their official website here.

Wakanow affiliate

This site offers affordable travel services for example flight booking, hotels, visa assistance, airport transfers, an internation travel SIM, a prepaid travel card and so on.

You will get 5% commission for each referral. You can read more about wakanow by visiting their official website.

Smartweb affiliate

This is a Nigerian based hosting provider like whogohost and true host.

Since 2004 this company has been offering hosting services to people online.

You can visit their official website to sign up to become their affiliate.

Wazobet affiliate

Wazobet homepage
Wazobet homepage

Wazobet is a betting site just like betnaija and nairabet that people can place bets online.

We all know how Nigerian youths are so popular with sport betting.

If you can draw some good number of people in your community or online to this betting site as an affiliate, you can be making some good recurring affiliate commission for yourself.

If you are interested in joining this free affiliate program, then you need to read this article that will teach you from A-Z on how to make money as a wazobet affiliate.  

Partnerstack affiliate network

This is the home of most popular problem solving software on the internet.

Just as the name implies, you can partner with cool and reputable companies online to promote their softwares to your audience in need of it.

To become an affiliate on this website you need to build audience via blogging who will be interesting to get new innovative softwares to Help carrry out their tasks.

You can visit the official site if in case you need to join partnerstack affiliate.

Impact affiliate network

Although application to this affiliate network based on my personal experience can sometime be tricky but is a free affiliate network to join anywhere in the world.

Impact has a lot of popular affiliate program like the blue host affiliate is now hosted on impact affiliate network.

You can find more about impact affiliate network by visiting their site.

Betnaija affiliate

If you are a Nigerian you must known about this famous betting site known as betnaija.

Am sure you must have also known that they do have an affiliate marketing program, if not please know now that they do have a free affiliate program in Nigeria.

You can visit their affiliate program homepage to check out.

Whogohost affiliate

Whogohost is a Nigerian hosting company with a good customer support service and affordable hosting for all.

If you are a beginner into blogging you must use this hosting company because they offer significance value at a very affordable price compared to its alternative sites on the internet.

If you want to start your blog and you need an hosting or a domain name you need to buy them via this coupon link to get it at a discount.

It Is very simple to apply for their affiliate program and start promoting them to your audience.

Visit their site via this link and check out for the affiliate button just below the site.

CJ affiliate network

CJ formerly known as commission junction is a very big affiliate network just like impact that host lots of affiliate programs for site like skillshare affiliate and udemy.

You can learn more about CJ by visiting their website.

Where can I learn affiliate marketing in Nigeria(Affiliate Marketing Course)

Now that you have learnt about the importance of affiliate marketing in 2023 and why you must have a blog in 2023, you may be anxious to know or get deeper step by step affiliate marketing course that will teach you every thing about how to start a blog and use it to do affiliate marketing business plus other online businesses to earn from $500 to $1000+ monthly passive income.

Owning an affiliate marketing website like can make you dollars while you sleep.

And we have put together all the knowledge and strategies that has earn us thousand of dollars over the years in an affiliate marketing course known as blogging masterclass.

This course will enable you to successfully own a blog and promote any affiliate program you wish to on your blog.

Taking this course will give you a golden opportunity for you to learn affiliate marketing with blogging and master SEO.

Here is the link to get the course now before the price goes up

The following are skills/some things you will be learning in this course.

  • Introduction to what blogging is and how it works.
  • Get access to a new blog worth $200 that will be set up for you for free all you have to do is to pay for hosting alone.
  • How to write an SEO optimized article.
  • Different free affiliate marketing programs to join in several niches.
  • How to submit your blog to Google and get Google to index your site at the speed of light.
  • How to get hundreds of backlinks from big authoritative sites to your blog.
  • How to get huge traffic to your blog from social media.
  • How to monetize your blog from day one.
  • How to generate hundreds of plagiarized free article in your blog in one day.
  • And so much more, grab your own copy of this affiliate marketing course now before the price goes up. I have deliberately made this course affordable for all so that everyone can benefit. This course is supposed to be sold for 20k but we have made it as very affordable as possible to help you get started with affiliate marketing in 2023.

Grab your copy of the blogging master clas now and enjoy your earning while you sleep.


Conclusion on free affiliate programs in Nigeria in 2023

Free affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria that can help beginners and experience affiliate marketers earn while they sleep has been extensively explained in this article.

You have also learn about the best way of using these free affiliate programs in Nigeria to make money via creating an affiliate marketing website like the blog you are just reading from now.

If you have any personal question concerning our affiliate marketing course you can email the admin of this blog at [email protected] or [email protected].

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