Etim social review

With over 10 thousand downloads from the google play store and a 3.9 rating from 1600 people, launched in the year 2021, introducing to you Etim social app.


A Nigerian social media platform that connects people giving them the freedom to share and discuss what they love most.


Are you tired of not getting paid for your engagement and participation on several social media platforms?


Do you want to get paid to socialize and do the things you love most? Maybe you have been dreaming of a way you can make money from liking and commenting on people’s posts instead of dashing it out for free.


Etim social app gets you paid for building your community of like minded people. In this Etim social review, you will get the full details on what Etim social is all about, is Etim social real or fake, how much can I make on Etim social app, is Etim social app safe to use?


And many more, to get the best out of this Etim social app review you need to follow me up gently as I am going to be revealing the inner side of this app.


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Having said that, let us move on to the full Etim social review and see how you can socialize and earn at the same time.

What is etim social all aboutEtim Social Review

Etim social app is a fast growing social media platform with a unique mode of operation.


Just like other popular social media platforms you have come in contact with, the Etim social app gives you that opportunity to connect with people you love and build a strong community of like minded people.


You can chat, read posts, share videos, download videos you love, post images and grow followers.


And in addition to all the social media features you get paid while socializing on this app.


Oh my God! I know some of you guys may feel like, let me rush in now, I can’t wait to get paid for socializing but wait, there is a lot you need to know about this app ok?


So don’t click off this Etim social app review in a haste.


Let me take you through the Etim social review step by step, revealing all the vital information you must know before signing up on this app so you won’t get to meet anything by surprise.


How does Etim social work

Etim social app works just like other popular social media apps as I said earlier but what sets it apart is the enablement for members to earn points right from the initial sign up stage for engaging with the app.


These points can be converted to cash and withdrawn when you meet the minimum cash out.

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How to make money with Etim social

The following are the activities you can get paid to do on the app:


Sign up bonus:

Registration on the app is totally free. On your registration you will be rewarded with 100 points as a welcome bonus.


Posting videos:Make money creating videos on Etim social

You will earn 100 points for each video content you upload to the platform which must be a very short video of not up to 2 minutes of duration.


Liking of post:Make money liking posts on Etim social

If you have been wasting your likes and reactions on facebook and instagram, Etim social app values them so much that they have to pay you for them ok?


You will get paid 10 points for each like you drop on any post on the platform.



For inviting your family members and friends to join you to enjoy what the app has to offer you will get paid 100 points for each referral.


Imagine referring up to 100 people, that’s 10000 points for you already.


Commenting:Etim social app

You will get paid for each comment you make with the sum of 20 points. The more you comment on posts, the more you are gonna earn.


Watching videos:

I know Many people love this. You can earn 10 points for each video you watch on the app.


You can check out other sites that get you paid for watching videos.



You also get paid for sharing posts on Etim social app.


One post you share will earn you nothing less than 100 points.


Growing community:Etim social app earn money online

This is the most interesting part to me, isn’t it mind-blowing to get paid 100 points for each follower you have earned on the platform?


Many of you have huge following on Facebook and Instagram but are yet to monetize your audience but Etim social app pays 100 points for just one follower.

Etim social sign up and login

Signing up you need to download and install the app from the google play store.


You will be asked to fill in your basic info like name, email address and password.


You can later login to the account with the details you used while creating your account on Etim social app.

Etim social withdrawal and points equivalent to dollars

One dollar is equivalent to 10000 points on Etim social.


The minimum withdrawal is 10000 points, you can cash out your earnings to your preferred payout method.


Is etim social safe to use?

With a good user interface and time to time upgrade to serve the user better. Etim social socialize and earn app is safe for your device and there is no threat found in this app.

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Is etim social legit?

After a thorough research on the credibility and legitimacy of the Etim social socialize and earn app.


We have come to the conclusion that they are legitimate and are not a scam


In the future if anything gets wrong about the legitimacy of this app, we won’t hesitate to update this page.

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How much can you make a day on etim social app

Ok, you said the app is legit, thank God, now how much can I make in a day, or a month?


Yes we said the app is legit, considering the amount of money you make on this app, I leave the mathematics for you to solve.


I have listed above different tasks you can do and how much you get paid for each task.


The amount of money you can make in a month depends on many factors including the availability of posts to like, tasks and activities to engage in, your willingness to put in extra time etc.


As much as you get paid on Etim social app for your engagement, do not be deceived by anyone, this app can’t make you rich, it can’t replace your daily job.


I have seen many content creators and bloggers deceive their audience about how they can make huge hundreds of dollars from Etim social.


The truth is bitter, you cannot make that huge money fast, it can take a long time to cash out hundreds of dollars, hence you can’t depend on this Money for your survival.


Just see this app as a way to earn a small extra income for fun ok?


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Etim social app pros:

  • Make extra little income in exchange for fun
  • It opens a way to build a strong like minded community

Etim social app cons:

  • You can not get rich with this app
  • Too much of disturbing ads while engaging with the app

Etim social complain

Etim social review final words

In conclusion to this Etim social review, after reviewing and testing out the app, we have been able to reveal to you the features, advantages and disadvantages of this app.


While it provides several methods to earn money socializing, such as liking posts, commenting, watching videos, and referrals, it also has its limitations in terms of earning potential. 


Ultimately, whether or not this social media app is worth your time and effort will depend on your choice as we can’t force any decision on you.


It is wise to calculate the benefits and drawbacks before investing your time and energy into this app.


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