There are lots of companies that are on the internet that are willing to enable you to earn money from reviews and surveys.


We have come up with a list of these great websites that can be used to make real money from the comfort of our homes on the internet.


As our commitment on is to help you get financial freedom working from home on the internet we have come up with this great list of earning sites.


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These websites include InboxDollars and Survey Junkie. Certain companies, like Amazon, choose to use third-party websites and also conduct their own reviews directly through their website.mobrog, triaba, online book club


The following are websites where you earn money from reviews and surveys online


My points


Because on this platform when starting to use the user receives 600 points and begins to answer surveys that can generate from 500 to 1,500 points each, so it also has a bonus policy for referral, offering 500 points per person indicated.


Then you will earn money on PayPal when you accumulate a points balance that is equivalent to 20 Euros.


Did you know that just like surveys it is possible to earn money by watching videos, these are small activities that you do in apps or websites where you can get paid simply for seeing ads, so this is a good option.


Smart Research


Because the company will contact you with an online, telephone, or even face-to-face survey proposal, after the user has registered correctly, people can earn money by answering surveys or giving opinions about the use of a particular service.



The payment method will be at the end of the survey, being credited directly to your bank account.




The first step will be to register on the platform, then you can start answering surveys and earning money, so the point values ​​are specified in the online correspondence.


Because there are several ways to redeem your points, including cash, paid via PayPal, or buying at Americanas, a partner site.


 Market Agent


On this platform, you can earn money in four different ways: by registering, answering surveys, referring friends, and updating your data, so each of these ways yields at least 50 points, except surveys that can be rewarded with up to 250 points.




A site that operates in the Brazilian market, paying in dollars and euros, so you answer surveys in Portuguese and receive in foreign currency, which can boost your earnings.


So the winnings are from USD 0.30 to 4 dollars, to withdraw the amounts you need to accumulate USD 12.50 and request payment via Paypal.


Survey time


This site has instant payment via PayPal and all surveys pay $1.00, so you can register on the paid survey site and use your Google, Twitter, and Facebook account.




UserLytics recently entered the market but is highly recommended by users who have already tried to earn money by answering surveys on other sites and platforms, so the earnings are high.




In addition to surveys, it also offers discounts for its users in different online stores, and just by registering you already guarantee 5 dollars, so after reaching the minimum limit for withdrawal (US$ 30) and withdrawing the amounts via PayPal.




Metroopinion works like other sites where you can earn money by answering questions, registering, receiving invitations to participate by email, and earning R$16 per event.


 Google Opinion Rewards


The Google Opinion Rewards application allows users to earn rewards from the answers to the surveys carried out, so it is possible to receive a value of up to R$3 for the surveys answered.




The platform recently launched an app for those who want to earn money by answering surveys, as users earn points and earn money as they complete their tasks in the app.




With more than 1 million participants, the platform also has paid surveys and, like other online survey sites, it also pays through vouchers at partner stores.


Inbox dollar


This is another website that can earn you so much money on the internet by simply taking part in some activities like surveys, watching videos, paid offers, reviews, and so on.


You can make a lot of money via referrals

With this website, you earn money online for free by doing simple tasks that take less than a minute to complete.


There is a referral program where you can learn a recurring 30% of what your referrals are making.



On this website, you make money by answering different surveys from a bunch of companies.


The money you make can be withdrawn after reaching the minimum withdrawal.


This survey website is an amazing site that works perfectly worldwide.


Whenever there is a new survey, you will be sent an email to be notified of it so you can participate and earn money.


Survey junkie

Just like other sites on the list, they pay you for dropping reviews and taking part in several surveys on the platform.


This website works worldwide like mobrog and you are been notified of every new survey via email.

Online book club 

This website is fully dedicated to bookworms.


You get paid to read and review books written by numerous authors.


The purpose of this is to find out your feedback while reading the book and if there is any mistake you feel they could address, you can draw their attention to it.


That’s how this platform works.


You can make from $40 to $100+ monthly doing this.




As we can see above in the content, there are several applications along with websites where you can earn money and make extra income, so you can choose more than one application and start profiting more and more from this activity.


However, some of these listed websites in this article are not working worldwide but only working in first-world countries like Canada, the US e.t.c.


If you are not in countries like the first world countries, I recommend that you go for triaba, mobrog, or online book club, however, a VPN can be used for any of those sites that do not accept your IP address.


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