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 What is dailypay app?

Dailypay app is a make money online app available on the google play store that claims you can make money easily with just doing simple tasks on the app.


You can make a lot of money enough to change your financial status according to them.


It is clearly stated on their platform that you can make up to 10k daily for doing social media tasks on their app.


If you’re familiar with GGTC Global, the app is one of their products.


Dailypay has over ten thousand downloads in the Google play store and a 2.4 rating from over 500 people.


The app is only available to Nigerians who are interested in making money online doing nothing.


How does dailypay app work?Dailypay Review

If you are familiar with apps like Hawkit, Viti Social formerly known as viraltrend, and owodaily.com.


The Dailypay app we are discussing here does not operate far away from how they do operate.


The app pays you in Naira for your activities and referral marketing.


However, you have potential of earning higher with referring people to the app if you are good in referral marketing.


If you’re not good at referral marketing, my advice for you is that, if you truly want to make meaningful money online, you must learn how to do referral marketing.


Majority of earning sites and apps reward handsomely for this skill.


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Dailypay sign up

Download the app, do not try registering on their site as the site does not fully function well.


I tried registering on their site but I couldn’t so I recommend downloading the app.


Install the app and sign up by providing them with the details they will require from you as seen below in the image.Dailypay sign up

Dailypay login

After a successful sign up, you can login to your dashboard by providing your email and password as you can see below.Dailypay login

How to make money with dailypayHow to make money with dailypay

Making money is mainly in two ways, referral earning and activity earning.


Before you earn money online from dailypay you will have to deposit a 1000 Naira registration fee.


While you login to your account you will discover that you have been rewarded with a whooping 12,300 Naira as your welcome bonus.


This is huge, but it is only electronic or audio money that you can’t withdraw until you deposit your registration fee.


But wait, are you sure you will be able to withdraw for real if you deposit your registration fee.


Let’s find out, I will let you know that as we proceed in this Dailypay Review.


You will get paid 3 Naira for each facebook or instagram task you do and 50 to 100 Naira for each Google review service you render.


I wonder how this will amount to 10k Naira a day when there are days you won’t even see tasks to do.


You can’t even boast of making 1000 or 500 Naira a day doing social media tasks on the Dailypay app.


Another way of earning is referral program, you get paid N500 for each person you refer and earn 20% of their deposit on posting of Social media tasks.


You can also buy likes and other social engagement on this app.

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How to withdraw.

The minimum payout is 100 naira and you can withdraw to your bank account according to them.


Is dailypay real?

It depends on your definition of real, if you are looking forward to if this app is authentic and honest.


The plain answer is that they are not honest.


First they said the minimum payout is 100 Naira but you are rewarded with 12,300 Naira that you can’t withdraw unless you deposit money to the platform.


Second, they claim you can make 10k daily by doing some activities on the app but the truth is that you hardly earn a thousand naira in one day.


They are not real.

Meanwhile they promised earning 10k daily but end up not even paying.

I believe you have seen the need to read this Dailypay Review before jumping on the platform.

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Is dailypay App legit?

There are many complaints of how this app is scamming people.


They are not paying at all even after your hard earned one thousand naira deposit to the platform.


Check out reviews of people about this app below.Dailypay Reviews

Dailypay app customer service

To prove that this app is clearly a scam app there is no way you can have access to their customer service support.


Any true or a legit site/app should have a customer service care support where members can lay their complaints to if they contact any issues while using the platform.


I don’t know why people all in the name of their greedy pursuit will make fraudulent apps like this just to waste people’s time and money.


They don’t even have feelings at all.


Apps like this should be deleted from the play store for safety.

Is dailypay safe?

They are not safe at all.

Is dailypay Worth it?

If wasting your time and money doing task you won’t even see the money paid to you worth it then this app is worth your try.


If not, then don’t ever try to waste your energy on this app, you can reserve it for something better.


Infact, using that your 1000 Naira they are looking for to watch educative videos on tiktok and YouTube is better than.


However, I have two best sites that have made me the most money online, I will drop the full tutorials on how I made hundreds of dollars with these sites. 

Sidegig.co review, how to earn N1000 daily online.

Conclusion on Dailypay Review

 In conclusion to this Dailypay Review, you have the right to make your choice and we only inform you with honest and researched details about a particular income program or earning app.


We do not force any decision on you, you have read our full honest dailypay review and have seen everything you will likely experience if you join them now.


If after everything you need to check them out for yourself, you can do so at your own risk.


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