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This review is my real experience with this earning site and it is important you know the truth about the chatmogul income program before you ever think of joining to avoid had I known.

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Chatmogul review

What is chatmogul and how does it work?

Chatmogul is an income program that promises to help people monetize their time by doing some fun activities on their site.

These activities may include sharing sponsored posts of the day, commenting on any post, posting, reading posts made by others, and so on.

As regards how it works, the system operates like a small social platform that unites people together where they can chat and interact with themselves while also earning for doing so.

You need to be registered on this site and the registration fee costs about 3000 Naira as a time payment.

You might be excited about making money by just doing simple things like this but the question is, is it possible for these kinds of sites to be legit?

It rarely happens and that’s why you must read reviews online from people who have experience with a particular platform before joining.

As we proceed, I will be telling you about my experience with them.

Chatmogul Sign up

To sign up you need to visit their official website via (

Put in your info they require you to bypass the registration process and purchase the coupon code from one of their vendors for complete registration.

You will be directed to your dashboard after registration.

How to earn on chatmogul

There are two main ways to earn money with this site known as the chatmogul which include: referral earning and activity earning.

For activity earners, here is the breakdown.

  • You will Earn 200 MOG For every daily login
  • You will Earn 10 MOG for reading any post
  • You will Earn 10 MOG for Commenting on any post
  • When you share a viral post to your Facebook timeline, you will earn 100 MOG
  • You are to earn 5 MOG for every shared post.

Chatmogul referral program

As of the time of this Chatmogul review, you will earn a 2000 Naira referral commission for each person you refer to Chatmogul.

Minimum withdrawal on chatmogul

According to them, non-referral earners are paid with mog and mpoints. With 5000 mog or 10000 mpoints you can request for withdrawal.

How to withdraw on Chatmogul

There are two types of withdrawal on the Chatmogul platform which are

  • The referral withdrawal comes up every Monday and Friday. You only withdraw your referral bonus directly to your bank account within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Chatmogul Non-referral withdrawal is done every 28th of each month. You request to withdraw your Mpoints and MOG which is then converted to cash and sent to your bank account

Is chatmogul still paying

If you are a newbie looking to make money online and you are considering this platform as your tool to make money online then am sorry, let me be honest with you.

You will be disappointed. As of now, these guys are not paying anymore. If they paid you, you can let us know in the comment section.

As for me, I was scammed by the chatmogul and I don’t want that to happen to you.

Is chatmogul still paying?

I have alternative platforms better than the chatmogul and trust me, I made a lot of money from these two secret sites am about to mention to you.

The tutorials on how to leverage these two platforms are provided in the links below. You should check them out if making money online is your ernest goal.

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Conclusion on chatmogul review

Here on this blog, our passion is always to guide people with the best information they need to make money online from home.

If you can stick to our updates and recommendations, you can ultimately win this online game.

However, it is not in our duty to force anything on you, if at the end of this chatmogul review, if you are still interested in registering with them and also getting scammed you are free to do so.

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