Have you ever thought of earning passive income by charging your phone? We will be exposing in this charge win Review all you need to know and how you can start earning $500 monthly.

Charge win Review

This is gonna be an interesting read so take some good snacks and a chill drink while I take you through the things you need to know.


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What’s the charge win app All about?

Charge win is an app that claims you can make money just by charging your phone. This can be a very interesting way to make money.


It is indisputable that there are myriads of ways to earn money online which include watching videos, playing games, writing, singing, listening to music, and so on.


I think this is my first time seeing an app that is willing to pay for charging a phone, isn’t this amazing? 


It is one thing to find a site that promises to pay to do a particular thing and another entirely to find out if it is not one of those time wasting apps.


If you’re also here to find out, let’s dive in step by step.

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Is it available world-wide?

Well, I don’t know about their availability but you can always try out as there is no harm in trying.

How to make money with this app

The way the charge win app works is very simple, you need to first download the app from the play store and install it on your phone.


When that is done, create an account and the app will start showing adverts on your screen lock when charging your phone and you get to earn just with that.


This can be an extra passive income revenue but how much can be made, is it worth your time?


Let’s find out.

Is charge win app legit or a scam?

With a 4.2 ratings on the Google play store by 2000+ people and over 100 thousand downloads.


It is very difficult to call this app a scam with such a good rating.


But don’t forget that these guys are so smart these days, some of them will not hesitate to go as far as bribing hundreds of dudes on freelancing sites to drop positive reviews.


That may be the case of this app in question.


Based on my research, the charge win app is proven to be a scam.


I am sorry if this may disappoint you but the truth needs to be told.


Don’t worry, I have a good alternative for you at the end of this charge win Review ok?


Let’s move on.

Is the charge win app real or fake?

If you are in search of an app to make real and legitimate money, then charge win app is a fake app to consider.


The reason is that the app integrates some tricky strategies to force you to keep on watching myriads of advertisements on the app and in the end nothing can be withdrawn.


I am sick and tired of electronic money that can’t be withdrawn but can only be viewed on the dashboard.


Am sure you are too.Is charge win real or fake

Is it worth your time? And charge win complaints

When you have worked on the app to a certain point where you are eligible to place a withdrawal request.


They will bring in a trick that there are thousands of people that are placing a withdrawal request at the same time with you and for you to get paid quick you need to watch as many adverts as possible to increase your ranking in the list of thousands people and the time you stop viewing ads your ranking start dropping.


Mhen, you are gonna be viewing ads to an extent that in some days there will be no more ads to view and they will tell you to come back some other time to view.


And I guess you are not ready for some guys to play around with your ignorance.

Is charge win legit or a scam

Conclusion and how to earn $500 monthly

You may be a bit disappointed in this app for not being real and legit, that is a normal feeling most especially for those who are hungry to make money online.


Our goal is to give you all the information you need to make financial freedom online.


I have been in the online space for a while and the truth on how you can make real money online is by having a skill to offer or a product to sell.


Forget about all these fake apps on the Google play store, you won’t make anything tangible from them even if they work.


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