Am sure you might have found somewhere on the internet about this mouth-watering advertisement about earning 100k in a few days playing the banana boom game.

In today’s honest banana boom game review I will expose to you based on my experience with them the truth about the banana boom game.

Before I continue, I want to educate who so ever is reading this blog post right now to be very careful when joining any earning app or website.

Most especially if they promise to pay you heaven and earth just by playing monkey game, or water game etcetera.

Always check for a platform review from real users before risking yourself to join that platform ok?

Do not allow anyone to deceive you by promising you fake results.

Most of these guys are playing around with beginners’ extreme need to make money online.

Listen, I have been in the online space for more than 2 years now and I can boldly tell you that there is no way you can make 100k playing a game for a few minutes.

Who dash you that kind give away?

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The content on this page should not in any way be treated as financial advice.

We are not affiliated with the platform on this page nor are we trying to tarnish their image.

This article is mainly for informational purposes.

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What is the banana boom game all about?

As I said earlier, the banana boom game is an app that promises its users money to play the game on their Android app.

The app claims that you can make a huge amount of money just by playing the game on your phone.

The most annoying thing of all is that they claim that playing this game can replace your job.

How true is this claim? We will find out just keep reading.

How does it work?

Banana Boom game works like this, you go to the play store to download the app, secondly, you install and play to earn.

Is the banana boom game legit?

This app has a 3.2-star rating on the Google play store as of the time of this review. For a platform to be marked as a legitimate one it has to fulfill its promise to the members.

So in the case of the banana boom game can we say it is a legit app or not?

To be frank with you, the banana boom game is purely a scam app with zero legitimacy.

You cannot make a penny from this app, the app was only created by greedy people who are only after their selfish gains.

They keep deceiving the public by telling them about the possibility of making a living just by playing their boring game.

The more you play the game hoping to make a lot of money the more they will keep displaying numerous adverts for you to watch.

At the end of the day, after spending your precious time and being able to generate some reasonable amount of money, in the process of withdrawal you will find out you were only making screen money.

Don’t waste your time playing this game called money boom game it is fake, the only people making money with monkey boom game are the owners of the app.

Since the game is a scam there is no need for me to tell you other unnecessary information about it like minimum withdrawal, payment method they claim to be using, and other stuff.

You can see for yourself what other people are saying about this game on the play store,

Is banana boom legit

Is banana boom game real

For more reviews from people who made use of this game app you can head over to the play store to check them out for yourself.

However, it is not something strange that platforms like this pay a bunch of people to drop good reviews for them on the play store to keep on deceiving people the more.

Despite all their strategies of deception they still have 3.2 ratings on the Google Play store, meaning many people are very unsatisfied with them.

But I have something very special for you if you are a beginner who had the hope of making money on this app but later discovered that this app is a scam.

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Conclusion on banana boom game review

I believe you have found out that this game is not something you can depend on to make money online in your spare time if you read my review from the beginning until this point.

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