Making money online by clicking on advertisements can be a very easy method of making money that even a 10-year-old boy/girl can do.

As usual, we made some recent research on a website that can pay people real money to click on ads online.

We found this website in our research and we have decided to test the website out and see how it works before we can say anything about them.

Based on our findings we have written this concise review to help you in your money-making with the site.

This review will be of tremendous value to those who have come across this website before and want to get some detailed information.

And also for those who are interested to make money online by viewing advertisements.


What is is a PTC site that has been launched a few years ago to link advertisers with publishers.

The site makes it possible for people to advertise on their platform and at the same time pays part of the money that was paid to them to each person that views the advert.

Making it a win-win for both parties. The site jas good customer support where you can get attended to as fast as possible.

You will be making 0.04 cents from each click from your referrals.

And there are a bunch of tasks to be done daily. According to them, they have paid over $41,478.86 to their members in the past years for just viewing ads on the website.

Aticlix has over 21,289,7 members who are making lots of freecash on the site by viewing advertisements.

You can check out our full review of here

Aticlix Payment proof

When you check out top earners on their official website, you will get to see how much people are making on this website.

The website has a weekly list of top earners for that week and how much they have made since they joined the website.

The above list is a list of the highest earners for today on aticlix and if you check the screenshot below you will see what people from different countries are earning so far since the existence of this website.

But wait a minute, could they be real or fake is aticlix legit or just a scam site like many other scams?

Could we make real money on this website, you will find out as we continue after this short disclaimer.


please note that we are not in any way promoting this website as this is not a sponsored post.

The content on this page is not also to demote the website as well.

This is only an honest review based on our research and experience with the site.

And no part of this article should be taken as financial advice.

Is Aticlix legit or fake?

The website Aticlix has a 4.4-star rating on Trustpilot and that’s a very good amount of positive reviews from real users indicating that a good number of people have reported the website to be legit based on their experiences.

We have also made use of the site and found out that the site actually pays for real and for that reason we mark as a legitimate PTC site.

However, the secret to making the biggest money on this website can only be revealed in this review.

So we recommend that you read on.

Aticlix register

To register on aticlix and make money online you will have to click on this link.

After that you, you will fill in some important details required of you as you can see below.


Don’t forget to tick the box and click on register.

How to make money on Aticlix

Aticlix is a PTC website that offers many earning opportunities. You can make money by high paying surveys, completing offers, several contest, task bonus, paid to promote, and referral bonus.

There are many ads available for you to click and get paid.

To maximise your earnings you will need to do referral marketing by referring other people to this website.


Aticlix payment options

There are many ways to receive your money from aticlix which include perfect money, payeer, faucet pay, and airtm.


Conclusion on Aticlix review

Although, we strongly advise you not to replace this website with your job as you cannot earn a living with this site.

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