Digital Marketing several strategies can be adopted with the basic purpose of advertising: here are the best free email marketing platforms for reaching customers and executing sales.

The isolated use of each of these tools does not produce as positive effects as the union of several strategies, such as aligning the sending of email marketing, content production with SEO techniques, and boosting on social networks, for example.

However, among all the tactics available in Digital Marketing, one of the most powerful – for many experts on the subject! – is still email marketing.

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If used intelligently, and not spamming under any circumstances, email marketing can help a lot of companies to grow.

There are several options for sending email marketing platforms on the market, many paid and many free.

For small or medium-sized businesses, sometimes a free one is enough.

The use of e-mail marketing has the potential to maintain an open channel of communication between customers and the company, strengthening this relationship and promoting greater interaction between them.

Email Marketing list

Free Email Marketing platforms

For a long time, companies have realized the value of email marketing, so most software to use is paid or only allows free trial versions.

However, there are also good options for free tools that fulfill the main role of email marketing very well.

The problem with some of them is the spam issue. Whatever your choice, always pay attention to this issue, so that your messages never reach your customers in this format.

There is nothing more harmful to an email marketing strategy than the sending of spam, which can result in a low conversion rate and tarnish the company’s image with customers, who will certainly unsubscribe from the email list. receive unwanted messages.

Every potential customer who unsubscribes from your list is a potential loss, so only send messages with really relevant content, whatever your industry.

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Best free email marketing platforms

1.  Mailchimp

MailChimp is the most famous free email marketing platform on the market, which allows you to send up to 12,000 messages per month to 2,000 contacts.

One of its advantages is that it is very complete for those who already have some experience with email marketing and has more advanced functions than other free platforms.

MailChimp allows integrations with other platforms, which is a great advantage for those who have e-commerce, for example, as it allows for a more complete and accurate data analysis.

Integration is allowed with: Shopify, Magento, Woo Commerce, and even Google Analytics.

It is also possible to use the paid version of the platform, which allows functions such as automation and product recommendation, among others.

Paid versions start from $10 a month, and already offer automation, product recommendation, and more.

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2.  Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email allows you to send up to 14000 free emails to up to 2000 contacts per month.

In the free version, the user is entitled to fully customizable professional templates, automatic responses, reports on submissions and database segmentation, tools for creating forms and polls for insertion on the website and in the email, A/B, and integration with over 300 apps and plugins.

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3.  Sendinblue

Large companies like Michelin, BMW, and Asics use the Sendinblue tool.

The platform allows you to send up to 9000 free emails per month, with no limit of contacts per account!

Among the features: are advanced database management, email marketing customization, email templates library, automatic response, creation of custom forms, reports, and integrations with APIs and plugins such as WordPress, Magento, and Prestashop, in addition to email assistance.

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4.  Thunderbird

The Mozzila Foundation provides the Thunderbird application, which allows you to send free marketing emails and manage multiple email accounts.

Thunderbird needs to be downloaded and configured to use it but it works on any operating system. Because it is a super lightweight program, it can work on simpler computers.

It is a very light program that can work on the simplest computers.

Thunderbird has no recipient or message-sending limits.

You can find tutorials on Youtube that teach you how to configure Thunderbird.

5. SendPulse

SendPulse is a platform that allows you to send email marketing, SMS, and web pushes (browser notifications) that has free plans, which allow you to test the tool before adding it to your favorites.

In addition, it has the 360 ​​automation feature, which allows you to integrate all the features I mentioned above in the same campaign, being a multichannel platform.

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Best Paid Email Marketing platforms and tools

Many of the paid versions of email marketing software allow users to try them for free for a trial period.

This period can be of great value to those who need to decide which is the best tool to use, although the vast majority of them if used properly, produce good results.

Among the best-paid tools for sending email marketing, we mention:

1. E-goi

A Portuguese tool that has been very successful in Brazil, E-goi is a very complete platform: it allows all the functions relevant to sending email marketing, such as sending programming, creating flows, customizing templates, and editing images, among many other functions.

A differential of E-goi is its multi-channel functionality: it is possible to send, in addition to emails, SMS, voice messages, and pushes.

It also has the “autopilot” function that maintains contact with the lead after a first interaction.

The plans are quite varied, so you can opt for unlimited emails, charging per shot, monthly sending, or prepaid messages.

Much cheaper than many tools, plans start at R$ 62.50.

2. Mailify 

Mailify is a global solution of European origin that combines the triggering of email marketing with the sending of SMS. In addition to working with the typical segmentation, automation, scheduled sending, or contact list management features, this tool also has other features that make it modern, such as:

Their gallery of newsletter templates is very diverse and refined. You can count on more than 80 free templates, designed for all types of business. This tool’s email editor allows for easy content customization.

Heatmap and Eye Tracking features have been included to help you optimize conversion levels. The first differentiates the most and least clickable areas in your email and the second simulates the reader’s gaze and assigns a score in the aesthetic field.

3.  Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi also has a free version that allows free sending to up to 100 contacts.

Its editor is very complete and it is possible to start from HTML templates or create new emails and export the HTML code if other platforms are used to send campaigns.

It also allows for various integrations with other software, ranging from Google Analytics, common to several email marketing platforms, to Pinterest or Shopify.

As seen, for those who have e-commerce these integrations are extremely important.

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4.  Soft Infusion

Infusion Soft is an email marketing tool that emerged from a CRM tool.

Therefore, it also works as CRM software and allows management of marketing campaigns, payments and integrations, sales automation, and online sales.

Infusion Soft also allows integration with eCommerce platforms and monitoring of user behavior on websites.

All these features, however, are expensive: plans start from $199 per month.

5.  Litmus

Litmus easily allows you to create different versions of a message and test it with different email providers.

This ensures that all messages are correctly loaded in inboxes from several different providers, preventing them from ending up in spam folders.

It also allows for important functions such as analyzing aspects of sending and optimizing campaigns.

You can use the free version of Litmus for 90 days and plans start from $60 a month.

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6.  LeadLovers

LeadLovers is a tool designed to improve lead management.

You can generate leads from Facebook ads and track them, from comments on social networks, from landing pages, and many other formats.

Allows the creation of custom pages, either from templates or starting from scratch.

It is also possible to import entire websites in HTML to the platform.

Plans for this platform start at R$154.00 per month and allow the use of all the platform’s features.