Do you live in South Africa? Starting any of these 10 best side hustles to make money in South Africa could be the starting point to your financial freedom.


Any of the following reasons could create the desire for the best of Side hustle ideas to make money in south africa:


  • Exploration or monetization of your passion
  • To make more money for paying your bills and investment
  • To supplement your income
  • To build a strong Financial status.


In a diverse nation with over 60 million people in population, the only safest way to protect your financial status is by having a multiple source of income. 


One of the challenges of having a side hustle is always the time to manage it with your full time job.


The “side hustle ideas” we will be discussing today are very profitable online and offline hustle that will only take from 3 to 6 hours of your time daily, however, some could demand more.


You can make a lot of income doing any of these part time hustles.


We will also hold you by the hand at the end of this post and show you how you can build any of these online side hustle and get success at the shortest possible time.


I promise this is gonna be a very interesting read. I urge you to take your mind off from any thing that may distract you while reading this post and give me your full attention while I take you through.


But before that, I wanna briefly introduce myself to you, this may be your first time visiting this blog.


My name is Ima-Abasi Sunday and I am the current CEO of this blog. I enjoy teaching beginners the real and honest way of making money online.


My passion for this started back then when I was very broke and I was so eager to make money online.


I tried so many things online, I got scammed a lot of times, I failed and failed. Almost at the point of quitting everything online, I discovered a secret that has made me a lot of money in the online space.


Since then, I understood that there are many beginners today who are making a lot of mistakes while trying to make money online.


Many of them get depressed and almost quit just because there is something they don’t know that is causing them to fail repeatedly.


I made the commitment to share useful information on the secret I know that has been making me money online consistently.


What is a good side hustle in South Africa?Best side hustles to make money in south africa

A side hustle is considered to be a good one if it is profitable and lucrative. A good side hustle in south africa is a side hustle or part-time gig that can earn you reasonable profit.


Side hustle ideas to make money in South Africa

I have carefully selected the best side hustle ideas that one can make real money from in south africa.


This list will consist of both offline and online side hustle combined.


Another criteria we took into consideration when crafting out these Side hustle ideas to make money in south africa is low capital requirement.


Thus, any small business idea that will be on this list is low budget friendly.


Are you ready? Here we go…


Digital marketing:

Digital marketing is the selling of digital products on the internet. These digital products may be valuable content designed to solve a particular problem.


The content may be in the form of audio file, video file, ebook etc that addresses the problem of a targeted audience.


There are many platforms where you can market your digital products to your Target audience which include Social media platforms like Facebook, instagram, Tiktok, Youtube and search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu etc via the help of SEO.


In a book titled “where the money is and how to get it” by a popular Nigeria internet marketer known as Toyin Omotoso, the CEO of renowned Nigerian affiliate marketing platform Expernaire.


In the book, He made clear explanations on where exactly and those online business ideas that work and can make you millions with just your smartphone or a laptop.


One of those business ideas he did mention was selling informational products in the form of ebooks, videos or podcasts which is digital marketing.


And if you have not known the potential of this business idea, I want to confirm to you via this blog post that digital marketing can make you wealthy for real.


I know you may be confused about this business. I will hold you by the hand at the end of this blog post to start any of this business idea and make it a huge success.


Content Creation:

See guys, what I want to tell you now may sound controversial but you can delete the VERSIAL and let it control your mind so you can definitely act on it and see results.


I wanna tell you this fact, if you’re interested in making real money online, then you must learn a way to gather as much traffic or people to follow you on any platform you possibly can.


Why I am saying this is that, the money you are looking for is from the traffic you will get, and the traffic you will be getting will be from the hundreds of valuable contents you have been pumping out consistently on the platform.


You see how it goes, you will have to succeed in content, then proceed to traffic, and finally monetization.


That’s just the way it works, no magic attached to it. Anybody can become a content creator.


If you’re interested in making hundreds of dollars via content creation, why not let me teach you the secrets that will make you real money in no time.


I have a free ebook for you that I wrote all my secrets on skills I have learnt in the past that will make you succeed as a content creator.


I will be dropping the link to contact me for it at the conclusion of this post.

Baking Snacks:

This is one of the best Side hustles to make money in South Africa. Baking of snacks is a side hustle idea that you can do offline in South Africa most especially where people are crowded.


Are you very skilful in baking high quality snacks that taste very palatable? Then what are you waiting for?


Start baking snacks today and you did be glad about how people will patronize you provided your marketing skills are intact.


But trust me, you don’t even need any marketing skill at all, you just need to show up for visibility and make money on the side.


Food business:

It is indisputable that everyone loves nourishing nutrition. I love food and I guess you do too. Infact, I ate a lot to fill up my stomach before getting on my computer to write this blog post.


Do you know how to cook South African’s local dishes in a way that will keep your customer asking for more?


There is no rocket science toward this, you just have to start your cooking business in a place where there are a lot of people, that is, in a busy area where hustlers and employees are.


These people have the money to buy any food that they crave for.


Hair and beauty:

As much as people love food, everyone wants to look good and attractive, and they are willing to spend the money to achieve this.


Women do their hair very often and men can cut their hair every two weeks. There are a lot of opportunities here.


You can learn barbing or plaiting of hair. But do you know the craziest fact about this?


As a man, you can get patronized by the opposite sex ten times more than a woman if you can plait women’s hair and vice versa.


Many ladies enjoy it more often when a guy is plaiting their hair.

Viewing center:

Football viewing center can be one of the very good Side hustle ideas to make money in South africa.


Many youths are so passionate about football and they wouldn’t hesitate paying money to watch football matches that interest them.


Look at your city, make inquiry, is there a football viewing center? How many youths do we have in this area? 


The answer to these questions can help you make great business decisions.



Freelancing has to do with offering your skills and services online in exchange for money.


There are many freelancing platforms that you can utilize ranging from Fiverr, Upwork, sproutgigs etc.


You just need to figure out how this business model works. You can be milking a lot of dollars with this business.

Book publishing:

Jeff Bezos is the current world richest man, and he owns Amazon, a very reputable and famous online store with millions of customers across the world.


You can monetize your book publishing skills by utilizing the Amazon store.


I have made a lot of post about this in the past on how I am making a lot of money via this platform, you can read them below:



Another online Side hustles to make money in South Africa is paying attention to what people are deeply in search of and craft out the solution for them that they can’t resist.


Sell the solution in the form of written content or video or even audio on your ecommerce store to your customers and make money.


I can show how this can be done.


Blogging is the sharing of useful information on a website to a specific audience on a particular topic or niche.


On this blog, I share content on making money online and I generate passive income via sponsored posts, adverts, and affiliate marketing.


My blog is worth over $7000 and that is over seven million naira in Nigeria using the current exchange rate as of the time this article was written.


See screenshot below:

Free blog music

Blogging is just a very profitable online business that can change your life all for good.


Conclusion on best Side hustles to make money in South Africa

Like it is always said, great meetings do not make great men, but great decisions do. 


Reading this post is not a guarantee you will start making money but actually implementing the Side hustle ideas to make money in south africa shared on this blog post.


If you’re really interested in making real money with any of these online side hustles, then send me a message on whatsapp now to get my ebook that will help you start making real money online in less than 28 days.


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Remain blessed.

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